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Meet Chelsea

Certified Career Consultant

Hi, I am Chelsea Hampton, a certified career path consultant with almost a decade of experience. I started off by helping people the closest to me by just cleaning up and correcting their resumes. I eventually started helping others find and acquire the career they deserve. I too, struggled to find my place in the workforce. For a while, I jumped from job to job, while unknowingly learning the best techniques for getting hired for some of the most sought out positions.


I then began to take what I learned and help co-workers and people that I met at events; which then I figured out what the next step was. My passion for Law enforcement shifted for me in October 2021 in the middle of a pandemic. What exactly was next for me? When I tailored myself and my skill set for law enforcement for the entirety of my career? Well that's where I transitioned myself from Law enforcement to Corporate America in a matter of months by research and a-lot of thorough soul searching. I help women land their dream career, transition from one career to the other , and become their own boss while working through confidence trials and pushing through their goals.

Careers Equipped is here to assist with this journey of where you believe you want to go.


The Game Plan 

1. Setup discovery call with a certified career consultant. 

       *All Discovery calls have a $50.00 fee that will be applied to the              service or plan that is booked.*

2. Discuss your goals and where you are currently in your career path.


3. Get a custom tailored career path plan that an expert consultant will help you execute!


Book a call today! 

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